This is our home


I have for many years prior to being elected, had a genuine interest in politics and the general operations of our community.  I was raised to be aware and be involved.  I love our community!  My Mom, Leona Stewart, was a Registered Nurse at our Hospital prior to making the decision to be a full-time mom to my brother, Dave Stewart and I.  Later, once we were older, Mom rejoined the workforce as a legal secretary for a local notary public.  My father, Don Stewart, was the Fire Chief of Fort St. John for 27 years.  Upon retiring he successfully was elected 4 times by the residents of our community to be  a City Councillor.  Both my parents lost there battles with cancer many years ago now.  Through those battles, I came to the  realization that life is short.  I vowed to myself to always strive to better myself, be there for & help my friends and make a positive impact on the world around me.    I choose to live here as does my beautiful wife, Lisa.  This is our home.


I am open to being challenged and questioned. However, you all must know that any decision I vote on, is for our community now and for the future.

I believe “Together, We Can Actively Build Our Community”


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