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This is our home


I have for many years prior to being elected, had a genuine interest in politics and the general operations of our community.  I was raised to be aware and be involved.  I love our community!  My Mom, Leona Stewart, was a Registered Nurse at our Hospital prior to making the decision to be a full-time mom to my brother, Dave Stewart and I.  Later, once we were older, Mom rejoined the workforce as a legal secretary for a local notary public.  My father, Don Stewart, was the Fire Chief of Fort St. John for 27 years.  Upon retiring he successfully was elected 4 times by the residents of our community to be  a City Councillor.  Both my parents lost there battles with cancer many years ago now.  Through those battles, I came to the  realization that life is short.  I vowed to myself to always strive to better myself, be there for & help my friends and make a positive impact on the world around me.    I choose to live here as does my beautiful wife, Lisa.  This is our home.


I am open to being challenged and questioned. However, you all must know that any decision I vote on, is for our community now and for the future.

I believe “Together, We Can Actively Build Our Community”



Why do you vote?

Together We Can Actively Build Our Community


The City of Fort St. John’s Official Community Plan (OCP), was updated over the last 2 years through community participation, and approved in August 2018. This policy document is the community’s vision addressing critical issues such as diversity, quality of life, the value of partnerships, land development, economic opportunity and environmental sustainability. I stand behind these plans and we now need to take action related to downtown, vacant lots, parks and recreation, transportation and energy literacy for the continued growth and betterment of our community.



To support our growth, we must plan and allocate funds to maintain and update our infrastructure and services.
– Schools (one open, one under construction and one more to be announced soon)
– Police Detachment
– Downtown Infrastructure
– Nursing School & continued learning opportunities in the North
– Muli-use Recreation & Leisure Facility
– Upgrade our parks and continue to add more community trails
– Continue paving & upgrading our roads, sidewalks & lighting
– We need to work on the creation of a Community Art Policy



Participation and input from community stakeholders matters. I want actions that foster communication and collaboration to continue with:
– The residents Of Fort St. John
– Our Peace River Regional District
– The Regional First Nation Communities
– Our Northern Health Authority
– Our Educational Institutions
– Our RCMP
– Our Provincial Government
– The Resource Municipalities Coalition
– Our Chamber Of Commerce and local business owners
– All Investors and Developers interested in growing our community


Our community’s success relies on these relationships; let’s work together, and let’s celebrate together.



  • The signing of Peace River Agreement with our Provincial Government
  • The signing of our BC Hydro/ Site C Community Measures Agreement
  • Our partnership with School District #60 for a new Community Gym within the the Margaret “Ma” Murray Community School
  • The purchase & removal of the Condill Hotel from our Downtown
  • The partnerships with the Association for Community Living and the BCGEU, making our City an inclusive employer of persons with developmental disabilities
  • Our partnership with The City of Dawson Creek and Hockey Canada to co-host two World U17 Hockey Tournaments (2015 & 2017)
  • The construction of additional year round community trails throughout our community
  • The continued paving of our streets and more sidewalks added throughout community
  • The addition of our City’s own Economic Development Officer
  • The continued growth & understanding of our neighbouring First Nation Communities


In 2018, Fort St. John has been listed as the
#1 community to live in within B.C.
…and #15 in Canada!

In 2014 my Vision for a Healthy Community included:

Boundary Expansion

COMPLETE – Our community is now set for future growth.

Nursing School

GETTING CLOSE – The partnerships and program have been set; the decision now sits with our Provincial Government.

Regional Policing

ONGOING – With escalating costs, conversation continues between RCMP, Provincial and Federal Governments. I continue to firmly believe that a regional policing model is right for our rural community & region.